EO Cambodia connecting local entrepreneurs to prestigious global biz network

August 08 2021

Entrepreneur Organization Cambodia, an international network of businesses, on Tuesday virtually organized its entrepreneurship program discussing how the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) could be beneficial to Cambodian entrepreneurs.

The session on the trade pact was shared by His Excellency Dr. Sok Siphana, founding partner at SokSiphana&associates and senior adviser to the Royal Government of Cambodia. During the webinar, EO Cambodia’s members and potential business owners also shared their experiences being an important part of EO Cambodia.

Speaking in the webinar, H.E Siphana said that business owner who is members of EO Cambodia will have opportunities to foster growth their businesses, as a result of Cambodia joining the trade pact—RCEP.

He stated by adding that the world-class organization could bring beneficial to its members, thanks to its strong human resources, wide experiences, and comprehensive network connecting with potential business owners from around the globe.

His Excellency Dr. Sok Siphana, Founding Partner at SokSiphana&associates and Senior Adviser to the Royal Government of Cambodia

“One opportunity that I think Cambodia will benefit is that when the RCEP come into effect, we will expect more FDIs [foreign direct investments] coming to the country,” he said, adding that Taiwanese investors will consider to invest in Cambodia, because the country is not in the RCEP; and it will seek opportunity to growth from the bloc and Cambodia will be benefited.”

“In term of service sector, I expect more Japanese companies coming to Cambodia to look into buying service sector, maybe buying a share. If they can buy the whole company, they will. But at least, they want to be the shareholders of some service companies like media.”

H.E Dr. Siphana, went on to state that RCEP will greatly offer Cambodian firms and business owners to enjoy the cross-border trade opportunities and partnership, allowing Cambodian business​​ people to integrate the new business chain in the region, while increasing foreign investments in the country.

RCEP is made up of 10 Southeast Asian countries, as well as South Korea, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. A comprehensive agreement like RCEP as such, it will be crucial to business people who are being part of the world-class business network like EO.

Mr. Hanky Lee, EO Philippines Member

Mr. Hanky Lee, EO Philippines Member, who also attended the webinar, said a large business network – and being part of it – has helped his business a lot, because he has chance to participate in some important forums, self-development seminars conducted locally and internationally. He added that the organization also offers educational strategic program for executives, while connecting to other member who have common interest.

“These all what EO has helped me to see the opportunity to foster growth. And my personal view is that I need to seize that kind of opportunity,” he said, claiming that joining EO is a big gift for him.

“I think everyone can also get the gift as I do, just joining EO,” Mr. Hanky Lee insisted.

Mr. Kuy Vat, President of EO Cambodia

EO Cambodia’s president Mr. Kuy Vat said in the webinar by wrapping up the important of the discussion, saying that EO Cambodia will be committed to collaborating and expanding business network. By doing so, he said it will bring beneficial and fostering growth in private sector and Cambodia’s economy as a whole.

Based in the United State, EO has been helping entrepreneurs achieve transformational growth since 1987. The organization is a high-quality support network of more than 14,000 like-minded leaders across 61 countries.

The Cambodia chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization officially launched on 18th September, 2019 making the Kingdom the seventh country in Southeast Asia to host a chapter of one of the most prestigious global business networks.

Should you have any inquiries joining EO Cambodia’s membership, please do not hesitate to contact:

Ms. Thul Sreyta, EO Cambodia Chapter Admin

Tel: 085 768 889

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